+ Where are you located?

Location is always changing to make sure you have the right address please email or send me a direct message

+ How do I book an appointment?

Every 2 months my books are open for 15 min - 2 hours.

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+ How do I pick a design?

All Pieces will be designed in my style. You can tell me elements of what you want in your piece and it will be incorporated into the tattoo.

+ How do deposits work?

Clients will send a $100 non refundable deposit to an email address, that will be provided after the tattoo idea is approved by the artist.

+  cancellation policy?

Clients can reschedule but will have to wait until the next booking period to get an appointment. please provide 3 days notice to the artist prior to the appointment date.

+ Can I bring my friends?

Due to COVID-19, we are taking extra precautions and ask that clients come alone to their appointment.

Preparing for my consultation?

All consultations are done through an online form. Questions such as size, placement, elements to include and location will be asked. Please be as spisific as possible

Is your ink vegan?

Yes. all products used are vegan friendly and biodegradable when possible.